How to Identify Termite Damage.

Termites are actually not ants but they do have similarities in their appearance.

Termites destroy wood by making wood their home and digesting the cellulose in the wood. They also seek moisture to drink which may come from within or near your house’s structure.

Termites can do significant damage to a house.

How can you tell if you have termite damage?

Termites are typically only seen when they swarm. Otherwise the only visible indicators of termites are the tubes they tunnel through or wings that fall of termites. When you feel wood that is soft, or pull back drywall to rehab a bathroom you may see evidence of their existence.

You’ll likely need to call in a professional to determine whether the damage that you have discovered is current or old. The termites may have been exterminated or they may have simply moved to another, perhaps more delicious part of your house.

We hope that you never encounter termites in your house. We have discovered termites and termite damage and it can be extensive as well as expensive!