Water Damage is Not Subtle

Water damage can take many forms. Some of which are not subtle at all!

Water stains can indicate where water is penetrating a roof for example and leave yellow-ish stains on the ceiling.

Water damage can occur from one-time events such as burst water heater or a broken pipe from a freeze.

Another source of water damage can be from a backed up septic tank.

That’s the other way to determine water damageā€¦ it often leaves behind a terrible odor!

Water damage can be significant. The damage remains and can even continue to progress after the water has subsided.

We certainly hope that you don’t have water damage in your property. We have seen our share of water damage in our history of restoring and rehabbing homes. It’s not fun when it happens to you, but the satisfaction of rectifying serious water damage can be extraordinary because it’s such a big, impactful remediation and a house can become liveable again.